13 Jan

Steel Building Kits New York

Universal Steel, New York and the Best Steel Building Kits

Universal Steel of America offers New York the best steel building kits on the market. They have been in the business for 20 years, building a reputation as a leader in prefab architectural design one project at a time. From an expertise in engineering to a dedication to being green, there would be no better place to turn for counsel and installation of steel buildings.

Our steel building kits are prefabricated materials engineered to both withstand the elements and be versatile in their design. That means (i) you can put them pretty much anywhere in New York and they will hold up against snow, rain, sleet, hail, fire, etc., and (ii) they can be used for a broad range of facilities, from warehouses to churches.

Universal Steel has used these products in projects around the world. Again and again, they’ve proven to be strong and safe in all types of environments. Not only can they be constructed to any size and width, they can be personalized with glass, brick, stone, stucco and more. Much like any other architectural project, windows, doors and many other accessories can be added to exacting specifications. So whether you need a carport or a school, you’re going to end up with a building that is uniquely yours.

Providing factory assured quality, Universal Steel will bring the walls, roofs, floors and accessories to you. But before that, expect to go through a stringent process that includes a thorough discussion of your vision, a rapid and detailed architectural design, a credible budget for the value and a production schedule that will be days or weeks, not months.

Get Universal Steel of America on the line (800) 993-4660 for a FREE estimate on a steel building kit for your New York structure. We promise you’ll be surprised, satisfied and safe inside those new walls.