2 Jan

Steel Building Kits Ohio

Benefits of Universal Steel’s Steel Building Kits

Whether you’re in Ohio looking to house your helicopter or build a warehouse to protect inventory, you can’t do better than a steel building kit. The benefits of utilizing one of these versatile and durable resources cannot be measured.

  • They require minimized amounts of materials, yet are engineered to be strong and long lasting, withstanding anything that Ohio weather can throw at it.
  • Maintaining these structures will require no more than a hosing down from time to time and keeping the gutters clear.
  • For easy transport, our steel building kits are compact, yet surprising versatile considering the scale you can get creating large buildings.
  • Steel buildings are both fire and insect proof.
  • Overall, these materials are affordable compared to projects that would involve stone, lumber, cinder block or concrete.
  • With the aid of a Universal Steel tech, you’re going to find there’s a vast array of size and shaped structures to be built from these steel shells.
  • Universal Steel can not only promise you quick designs and delivery, but with all the proper preparations (such as an in place slab) a building can be constructed in a single afternoon.
  • These structures are energy efficient.
  • Repairs can be relatively easy to implement. Roofing or siding can be replaced with a few simple tools. Pieces of metal can be screwed over dents or tears.

Universal Steel of America is Ohio’s leading provider of steel building kits. We’re skilled in the design and construction of facilities for education, offices, residential living, aircraft hangars, religious structures, commercial buildings and more.

If you have a construction or expansion project in mind, we’d be happy to sit down and cover all the bases and advantages of steel building kits. So give us a call (800) 993-4660. The consultation and quote will be free.