28 May

Steel buildings in Florida

Why Steel Buildings in Florida?

Steel buildings have steadily grown in popularity with both business owners and homeowners throughout Florida and beyond. This is because of their affordability, the streamlined process in construction, their flexibility and almost maintenance free life span.

The technology behind steel buildings has gone far beyond the cold gray matter we once associated with metal construction. These materials are now available in a range of colors and finishes. Plus, you can utilize other properties that will make your building stand out. Once you have the base foundation in place, complement it with mortar, brick, glass or stone.

Steel is one of the strongest construction options in the world, offering strength that’s not available in traditional building construction. Their flexibility also makes them a better choice for aligning with a project’s vision. Unlike other building materials, steel can be manipulated to match exacting measurements, coming within 1/16th of an inch in design. This means a final product that will not compromise client ideals or require the adjustments you might have to make with other build projects.

With its versatility, steel buildings are excellent for airplane hangars, garden sheds, storage facilities, warehouses and strip malls, to name a few. The adjustable and easily removed panels allow for simplified repair and expansion. The streamlined build means less time, money and power spent. A steel building’s energy efficiency and low maintenance ensures a life span requiring less work and expense.

Universal Steel of America has refined steel building engineering to its finest processes with architectural services that provide high end cost effective solutions. We make it our business to know what makes Florida a great place to grow, and bringing the client’s vision to reality with minimized impact on its surroundings. Give us a call (800-993-4660) and get a FREE quote on building with steel in Florida.