27 Feb

Steel Buildings North Dakota

North Dakota & Steel Buildings are a Perfect Match

More and more steel buildings are cropping up in North Dakota. They are, in fact, coming into greater demand around the world. Homeowners, corporations, small business, architects and engineers, as well as companies like ours know that steel is an exceptional solution for a construction project.

Universal Steel of America has been a top provider of steel buildings, promoting their many benefits to anyone ready to listen. We have used these materials to build aircraft hangars, garages, office buildings, schools and churches, warehouses, gyms and fitness centers, and to help homeowners make affordable expansions to their homes.

Steel is a durable and flexible option for North Dakota’s growth. No other material plays such a supportive role in environmental protection. And no company wants to support economic and environmental security through green construction more than Universal Steel. We design every project in that regard and steel buildings make that easy. A steel construction project requires less time and manpower than a project using other materials like brick. That means less resources being burned, and cost savings as the shortened time means less expense.

We’ve seen the best of North Dakota, crossing the dunes of McHenry County and relaxing along Devil’s Lake. We know how important it is to the state and its residents that future generations get to bask in the ravines, mountains and hills that make up so much of North Dakota. Universal Steel is confident that steel buildings will play a big part in making that happen.

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