11 Apr

Steel Buildings Provider Bard New Mexico

Why We Went With the Best Steel Buildings Provider in Bard, New Mexico

We’d promised ourselves no matter how successful we became, we’d use the most eco-friendly processes. The majority of us had grown up right here in Bard and what we loved most about the region and New Mexico — the overall grandeur of its natural landscapes — could easily be at risk if we didn’t encourage environmentally friendly practices.

It’s why when my husband and I decided to expand, we called Universal Steel of America. We’d bought the vacant lot alongside our current property and found Universal Steel to be on the same page as we were in terms of an expansion. They were a company with both a solid background in design-build and environmentally friendly construction solutions. It didn’t take their techs long to convince us if we wanted to stay green we had to go with a steel building. They weren’t just promising a completed building that would be energy efficient and cost effective, but one that supported green through its entire process.

From recycled materials to minimized paperwork, from smaller crews to less energy burned for the construction, from minimal expense on maintenance to a finished steel building that was as sophisticated as all get-out, Universal Steel of America was the provider that delivered on all its promises. We’re proud to say our parking lot is filled with bicycles, not cars. And we’re equally proud to say that working with a steel building provider like Universal Steel of America, that getting the FREE quote and trusting their instincts, allowed our little Bard company to grow without compromising our principles.

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