4 May

Steel Garage Kit

Do you have more cars than you have room for in your garage? Do you have dune buggies or skidoos or snow mobiles taking up so much room in your garage that you have to leave your cars out in the rain or snow? Do you have enough land to have another garage on your property? Is there room behind your current garage to add on using a steel garage kit? When you call Universal Steel, we’ll put you in contact with our steel building designers so you can get their opinion on what you can do to add more garage space to better fit your needs.

Some people who buy a steel garage kit want specific things in their garage that some homeowners don’t think about. If you happen to be handy and work on your own cars, you might want to have a car lift added into your plans. You might also want to have a cleanup area that includes a utility sink so you don’t take garage grease into the house.

If you run a home business, you might want to have an office included in your new steel garage plans. We can include some big windows so you get a lot of light, and even a skylight so it gives you extra light throughout the day. If you need to have a storage room for your extra business supplies and even a bathroom so you don’t need to run into the house every time you need to use the rest room. And let’s not forget to add some extra closet space so you can store winter coats, boots and other things that are clogging up the closets in your home.

Whatever your need for more space, call Universal Steel to learn more about a steel garage kit you can put together yourself. The money you save by building a garage by yourself may even give you more money for toys to fill up that new garage. Call Universal Steel at 800-993-4660 for more information.


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