29 Jun

Steel Religious Building Kit

Most of the time when a church congregation decides they need a new building, they form a committee to take care of all the details. If you happen to be on one of those committees and you’re looking for an economical way to build a new church, call on the expert designers at Universal Steel for help. We can put together a steel religious building kit that can be constructed by members of the church on land you own to save you lots of money. When it comes to prefab steel buildings, you won’t find a better team of designers than we have a Universal Steel.

Most of the time a church is made up of a lot of people who have all kinds of talent. And putting that talent to work building a new church from a steel religious building kit is something many congregations have decided to do. When you work with the team at Universal Steel, our designers can add anything you want to your building. If you need ramps for wheelchairs or lots of windows to let the light in, we can add those for you. If you want your new church building to have a steeple, that’s easy to add in for you.

When the Universal Steel designers put together a new church building for you, you know you’ll be getting the best, most structurally sound building possible. Our team will work with you to design a steel building kit that will have instructions from the first bolt to the last. We’ll make sure your new church building follows all the building codes for your area and that it meets all height requirements and stays within the boundaries of your land properly.

So when it’s time to order your steel religious building kit, call on the experts at Universal Steel to put it all together for you. You can reach us at 800-993-4660 during regular business hours.


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