2 Aug

Steel Retail Building Kit

When you’re looking for an affordable way to build a retail business, think about talking to the team at Universal Steel about a steel retail building kit. Rather than renting a building that belongs to someone else and paying off their mortgage, why not build your own building and keep all that rent in your own pocket? Universal Steel has been helping people build steel retail buildings for many years.

Depending on the town where you want to build your steel retail building kit, you’ll want to check all the regulations to be sure you are compliant with all of them. When you get the go ahead to build on your land and you know all the dimensions of the building you need, give our design team a call and let us help you create the building you want for your business.

When you work with Universal Steel you’ll have the advantage of years of experience in putting together building kits for business owners. Whether you need a new garage for your auto repair business, a small building for a coffee shop, a larger building for an insurance agency, or any other retail building, just let us know what you’re planning. We can show you plans we’ve done for other retail establishments to give you even more ideas and help you make a decision on what you really need.

Metal building kits created by the Universal Steel team can generally be put together by people who can follow instructions. You see, our instructions are exact and you’ll have everything you need in your kit to build your building from the ground up. So when you’re ready to order your steel retail building kit from our Universal Steel team, give us a call at 770-449-6588 right here in Georgia, or at 800-993-4660 from anywhere in the country. We’ll help you choose the features you want and give you a great deal on a building you’ll use for years to come.

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