26 Jul

Steel Storage Building Kit

Whether you run a business or you have a big household, you probably find that having enough room for storage is a problem. Adding extra closets to a house is not always an option, and finding extra room in an office building may be even tougher. If either of those situations describes what you’re going through, it’s time to call Universal Steel and take a look at a steel storage building kit.

You can check out a pre-designed steel storage building kit, if you like, or if you prefer we can customize a storage building for you. Depending on the size and shape of your lot, we can customize a storage building to meet your exact needs. For example, if you have a lot that’s triangular, we can customize steel storage building kits to fit that shape. If you need extra tall doors to fit a sailboat or extra garage doors to accommodate a large family with lots of cars, we can figure that into your design too.

If you have a lot at your home that is big enough and your neighborhood is zoned for commercial businesses, we can design a steel building kit to house a semi truck or a fleet of limos for you. Putting together a steel building that is designed by our Universal Steel design team is not difficult to do. You see, our design team has been doing this for so many years that they are absolute experts at designing anything you need. And when your steel building kit is delivered, it will have absolutely everything you need, from the first bolt and beam to the last. And we’ve been told by countless customers that the instructions are as easy as could be to follow.

So when you’re ready to order a steel storage building kit, call the expert design team at Universal Steel and we’ll help you get the extra storage space you need. You can reach us at 770-449-6588 right here in Georgia, or 800-993-4660 anywhere in the country. We’ll be happy to help you choose the perfect design for your next metal storage building.

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