9 Aug

Structural Steel Framing System

When you’re looking for a nice looking, versatile building material, you may want to think about a structural steel framing system from Universal Steel of America. From the walls to the roof, including all the compatible accessories, our custom prefab steel buildings will last for years to come. Every piece of a framing system from Universal Steel is manufactured at our Lawrenceville, Georgia facility and designed to perform to maximum efficiency.

Just because our buildings are made of steel framing, it doesn’t mean they need to be dull and boring. You can use a structural steel framing system for the most imaginative designs. Whether you’re looking at building a new church sanctuary or a library on a college campus, an airplane hangar or a new elementary school, we can design a metal building kit that will be easy to assemble once it’s delivered to your location. You will have the opportunity to work with our experienced steel building designers and review the beautiful metal building designs they have created to find the style and materials that are right for you. If you’ve seen a building you’d like us to duplicate, feel free to let us know and we’ll recreate it for you.

And when it comes to including accessories in your building plan, we can add all types of them for you. Incorporating wood or glass into your structure is something that’s easy to do. If you prefer the look of stucco, stone or brick, we can add dramatic effects for a real pop of interest. And whether you prefer the look of a classic style or you want a modern, contemporary look for your building, using a structural steel framing system will give you the solid foundation from which to build your perfect structure. No matter what type of building you need, call on Universal Steel at 800-993-4660 for information on the best steel building kits in the country.

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