30 Aug

Uniquely Shaped Metal Building

One of the easiest ways to build a uniquely shaped metal building is to call on Universal Steel and let our design team put one together for you. If you have a long skinny lot and you need a storage warehouse, we can create the perfect steel building for you. Whether you want a simple floor plan or a more elaborate and sophisticated architectural design, our expert design team can draw up the custom steel building plans that fit your needs.

If you happen to have a lot that’s more of a triangle shape than a square, that’s no problem for our designers. We can create a uniquely shaped metal building for you that will fit the land perfectly. When you work with the team at Universal Steel, one of the best parts about it is that we can create the exact size and shape building for your exact needs. We’ll use the same top quality materials as we would on any other building, with the only exception being the odd shaped of the floor plan.

Whether you need a skinny structure with a high ceiling or a long flat building with a circular end, we can design it to your exact specifications. If you need a hanger for your helicopter and you want it shaped like your helicopter, just let us know. We have the most talented team of designers you can imagine and they can customize your steel building to your needs with no problem.

Whether you need a structure with no windows or one with lots of windows and skylights, our designers can draw up the plans for you. Round walled churches, warehouses in the shape of a hexagon, we can create a uniquely shaped metal building and build it on your land for you. You’ll love the variety of materials to choose from and the ability to work with a designer to use the land you have and make the best of it. So call today toll free at 800-993-4660, or locally at 770-449-6588 and let us show you what a great building we can design to fit the land you have available.

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