15 Sep

High quality commercial metal building kits

When you consider commercial metal building kits as an option for construction, there’s much more to consider than just price. If steel isn’t properly stress tested, it can spell disaster once the commercial building kits are erected. Universal Steel of America has established a firm reputation in manufacturing the highest in quality metal building kits. Since 1995, we have been rated at the top of the Better Business Bureau’s list in the metal buildings industry.

Selecting quality metal building kits isn’t quite as simple as flipping through the phone book or searching the Internet. Universal Steel of America encourages all its potential clients to research our track record before deciding to go with our company. We’re not just looking for another sale. Our aim is always to develop commercial metal building kits of the highest caliber. And, because we work with clients nationwide, all our commercial metal buildings are guaranteed to meet or exceed all building codes and regulations in your area.

Universal Steel of America designs and prices commercial metal building kits to increments of the nearest 1/16 of an inch and to comply with most common building codes. Each is designed by professional, experienced engineers and manufactured to exacting tolerances under rigid quality controlled plant conditions. Call us today to explore options for commercial metal building kits at 1-800-993-4660 today. Our team is more than equipped to consult and develop a quality product with you, while keeping value and cost in mind.

There are almost endless options available when we design commercial metal building kits. From clear-span tapered column to multiple-span single-slope frames, our engineers work every one of your requirements into the layout for your structures. We are well-versed at customizing steel buildings to suit even the most particular specifications. When you invest in commercial metal building kits, you’re getting much more than a bland steel structure. We can make your steel buildings look as pleasing to the eye as they are functional and easily erected. Consult with one of our engineers to start designing your commercial steel building today.

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