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Commercial Metal Buildings & Prefab Warehouses

Prefab Metal Commercial Buildings and Warehouses

Universal Steel of America (USA) specializes in manufacturing commercial metal and steel buildings and prefab warehouses, most notably, Prefab Steel Buildings that are attractive, affordable, and easy to erect.


We work together with many of the leading General Contracting Construction Companies across the USA, designing and manufacturing economical steel prefab commercial metal buildings that incorporate all of our client’s specific needs.



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Cost Effective, Flexible & Aesthetically Pleasing Commercial Metal Buildings

The cost effective benefits of a commercial metal building kit are endless.


Universal Steel of America (USA) offers flexibility in design and can incorporate any exterior facade to meet your zoning or desired requirements.


USA prefab warehouses and commercial metal building kits can produce the ideal building you need at a price that won’t break the bank. Whether it’s a new steel building project or a future expansion, USA prefab commercial buildings offer far more advantages than conventional construction.


Project costs are dramatically reduced at the drawing table during conceptual design, and will progress straight through into the field during building construction.


USA consults with many people for any particular project; architects, engineers, contractors, developers and owners when working through initial costs or budget considerations, in many cases finding ways to reduce overall costs through value engineering, design modification or just simplifying certain aspects of building layout or tie-in.


A more simplified structural and construction drawing, and a better-detailed design, helps to minimize the costs of field labor. Universal uses sophisticated fabrication methods that help reduce overall costs by allowing faster field construction.

The added benefit of course is that you will have earlier occupancy access to your steel warehouse building or prefabricated warehouse.


USA is committed to rigid I-Beam construction framing systems within the walls and roof of the commercial building, plus any compatible additions.


USA maintains the highest quality standards throughout our design and fabrication facilities to ensure that our commercial metal buildings and prefab warehouses exceed your expectations and provide you with the best value and performance possible.


To ensure that your new building or warehouse meets your esthetic requirements we are also able to incorporate many other forms of building materials into the design and construction of our buildings including brick, stone, wood, glass and more.


For more information about steel buildings by Universal Steel of America please call Toll Free 1-800-993-4660.


Commercial Steel Building Case Study in North Dakota

One of Universal Steel’s latest commercial buildings was erected in Williston, North Dakota in January 2013, one of the coldest times of the year in Williston. Even through the freezing rain and snow our prefab building went into production and was erected successfully without a glitch.


The unique I-Beam construction allows us to easily, quickly and safely assemble the industrial buildings materials, even in the coldest of conditions.


This particular building was purchased for a concrete paving company. The design of the building was to function as an office on one side and a warehouse on the other.


Universal Steel of America made it possible for them to maximize the space and get the most usage out of their building while keeping them in line with their proposed budget.


This customer plans to do a lot of business in Williston, ND and is considering adding on to their existing commercial building structure in the near future, which can be done quite easily.

Why consider a Steel Building Kit for your next project?

Need a new Building? Consider a Metal Building Kit? The advantages of choosing a steel building kits versus wood or block are unlimited. A steel building kit is easier to maintain and clean than structures made of wood or block. The paint on a roof or wall panel is guaranteed against peeling, fading, chalking or cracking and less vulnerable than wood or block. In fact, you can attach any exterior façade you wish, such as brick, stucco or glass, too. It is also shielded against damages from water, fire, weather, pests and other threats with a metal building. A metal building kit for your home or living quarter has great latitude, custom metal buildings are insect free; insects, such as termites and cockroaches, are drawn to wood and products made from cellulose fibers and paper. One of the biggest disadvantages of wood structures is that they are not bad weather-friendly, Mother Nature will have her way with a wood structure.


Humidity and moisture can cause wood to warp or rot. Along with wood or block, the interior disadvantages of building with block are time-consuming construction, literally having to create a whole other wall system inside and cannot be used in high seismic zones effectively. Since block absorbs water easily, therefore, it causes fluorescence when not exposed to air and it can be costly due to higher labor. Custom steel building kits are ideal for protecting the environment for multiple reasons, as they can be made from recycled metal, they can be recycled very easily. You will realize that less maintenance, more affordable, and structurally durable are the requirements to keep your building in a beautiful safe condition.

Ask for a Quote on a Prefab Commercial Building or Warehouse

With our expertise in steel building kits, Universal Steel of America is paving the way, making pre-engineered steel buildings far more popular, more economical and less time consuming to construct than traditional commercial building construction.


Time and time again, our buildings perform better and outlast any wooded structure.


For more information about pre-engineered commercial steel buildings or any of our prefab steel building products, please contact our building specialists:

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