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Universal Steel Accessories

Universal Steel Acccessories

Universal Steel of America can design and price your metal building system to increments of the nearest 1/16 of an inch and to comply with most common building codes. Each is designed by professional, experienced engineers and manufactured to exacting tolerances under rigid quality controlled plant conditions. Call us today to explore your Accessory options at 1-800-993-4660 or Contact Us

Our Accessories

Steel Door, Windows


steel door windows - Universal Steel Accessories

Walk Doors

Walk Doors are a galvanized 16-gauge frame embossed door leaves, bonderized with one coat of bronze primer.

Ridge Vents, Roof Jacks, Monovents


ridge vents roof jacks monovents - Universal Steel Accessories

Ridge Vents


Univents are gravity-type 10′ long, 9″ or 12″ throat, 26-gauge units with or without dampers, designed for continuous runs.

Pipe Flashes, Access Curbs, Louvers


Pipe flashes Access Curbs Louvers - Universal Steel Accessories


Pipe Flashes

Pipe Flashes are flexible pieces that make the process of flashing pipes cleaner, easier, and more efficient. Pipe Flashes can be used on pipes with diameters anywhere between 1/4″ and 7″.

Full Glass Doors

Full Glass Doors - Universal Steel Accessories

PDL doors are specifically designed for fast installation. You just uncrate, set in place, plumb and square, then anchor.

Roof Jacks

Roof Jacks - Universal Steel Accessories


Roof Jack are mountable DuraRib paneling that can hold shingle stacks between 7″ and 12″. Roof Jacks are used to withstand and shield venting duct pipe from attic ventilation and bath and kitchen fans.

Access Curbs

Access Curbs - Universal Steel Accessories

Curbs are custom built to accommodate roof mounted equipment.

Thermal Efficient Windows

Thermal Efficient Windows - Universal Steel Accessories


PDL doors are specifically designed for fast installation. You just uncrate, set in place, plumb and square, then anchor.



Monovents - Universal Steel Accessories


Monovents are gravity ventilators that are mounted to a building’s peak where the natural movement of air can provide consistent ventilation throughout the building’s interior. Monovents are typically 20″, circular, 26-gauge, and equipped with dampers to regulate air flow.



Louvers - Universal Steel Accessories


Louvers are window blinds or shutters with adjustable horizontal slats. An 18-gauge frame has louvers of 48″ x 48″ with 20-gauge blades and a bird screen.

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Universal Steel’s Manufacturing Facilities

Ask for a Quote on a Prefab Commercial Building or Warehouse

With our expertise in metal building kits, Universal Steel of America is paving the way, making pre-engineered steel buildings far more popular, more economical and less time consuming to construct than traditional commercial building construction.


Time and time again, our buildings perform better and outlast any wooded structure.


For more information about pre-engineered commercial steel buildings or any of our prefab steel building products, please contact our building specialists:

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