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Frequently Asked Questions

Airplane Hangar 600x400 - FAQ

Q. How long has Universal Steel of America been in the PEMB business?

A. We have always specialized in the PEMB industry, we’ve been doing PEMB projects for over 25 years.


Q. What does PEMB stand for?

A. Pre-engineered Metal Building


Q. What Are Pre-engineered Metal Buildings?

A. All Steel I-beam Construction. Everything is pre-punched, and we provide the bolts and screws so that the building comes ready to be assembled.


Q. Does Universal Steel sell nationwide and internationally?

A. Yes, Universal Steel of America ships buildings all throughout the U.S and the Caribbean.


Q. Will my building meet local building codes and loads?

A. PEMB must be engineered to meet code requirements, wind, snow and seismic. Our Building Consultants are very knowledgeable and always keep up to date with local building codes and requirements.


Q. What are framed openings?

A. An opening that is designed for a window or a door in most cases, there are other accessories that need a framed opening, too.


Q. How long does it take to get a building fabricated and delivered to the jobsite?

A. Based on average complexity of the building, about 5-7 weeks.


Q. How long does it take to get structural stamped permit drawings?

A. On average it takes about 2-3 weeks for drawings to be done and ready for a structural engineer stamp.


Q. Does Universal Steel erect the buildings they sell?

A. We have a preferred builder network that has superior steel contractors, we can refer you to one of them. Universal Steel does not erect the buildings.


Q. Can I put the building up myself?

A. Over the 25 years, so many people have chosen to erect themselves; we have a reference manual that outlines step by step, in addition, all components are individually marked, and cross referenced to easy to read assembly drawings.


Q. How customizable are Universal Steel’s buildings?

A. We have the knowledge and experience to do higher complexity projects, our design team will exceed your expectations.


Q. What type of equipment do I need to unload and erect the PEMB?

A. A forklift with all terrain tires and a T-spreader bar is all you need, but there are many other pieces of equipment that can be used as well.


Q. How do you differentiate your building from your competitors?

A. There are many factors, initially our design and engineering exceed standard requirements. The quality of our steel for starters, typically is a higher yield, cold form material has a stronger tensile strength, paint quality is superior in brilliance and longevity.


Q. How can I be sure that all parts are delivered to my location?

A. Being very good and conscientious first and foremost makes all the difference, but we give a longer period of time to inspect your building for any discrepancies and shortages.


Q. Does Universal Steel also provide insulation?

A. Universal Steel does offer insulation packages as well. Please let us know the R-value you want, and we will get a quote out for you!


Q. Does Universal Steel provide any accessories for the building?

A. Yes, Universal Steel not only provides the pre-engineered metal building, but if requested we can also provide roll up doors, insulation, windows, skylights, hanger doors. Just ask if we can provide it in your metal building package, we most likely can!


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