22 Sep

Some facts for custom prefab steel buildings

AISC has developed the Facts for Steel Buildings series to provide important historical perspective and practical guidance on broad topics beyond the scope of AISC codes and specifications.

Facts for Custom Prefab Steel Buildings #1: Fire Facts
Written by Richard G. Gewain, Nestor R. Iwankiw, and Farid Alfawakhiri, this document serves as an objective general reference and introductory primer on fire considerations for the benefit of engineers, architects, building code officials, owners, developers, construction managers, general contractors and the general public and others with interest in the subject.

Facts for Custom Prefab Steel Buildings #2: Blast and Progressive Collapse
Written by Kirk A. Marchand and Farid Alfawakhiri, this primer presents background and definitions for explosive loads and progressive collapse, general principles of blast loads and response prediction, recommendations for structures designed to resist blast and mitigate progressive collapse, recent guidelines and Federal and DoD requirements, some observations from historical events, and some information on ongoing research.

Facts for Custom Prefab Steel Buildings #3: Earthquakes and Seismic Design
Written by Ronald O. Hamburger, this document primer provides an overview of the causes of earthquakes, the earthquake effects that damage structures, the structural properties that are effective in minimizing damage, and the organization and intent of seismic design requirements for steel structures in the U.S. today.

All of the stated facts for custom prefab steel buildings were provided courtesy of AISC. For more information on custom prefab steel buildings, contact Universal Steel of America by phone, fax or email. We look forward to setting an appointment between your decision makers and our engineers. Regardless of the use for your construction, custom prefab steel buildings are suitable for every kind of climate, weather element and environment. All of our steel buildings are designed to last, and we stand behind our product 100%.

Make the move to find out how Universal Steel can design and install your custom prefab steel buildings today. Erect a structure that will cover you and protect your assets.

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