22 Jul

Agricultural Metal Buildings

If you’ve ever been on a farm, you know that they’d be lost without agricultural metal buildings. Steel barns are sturdy, durable, and they can be built in any shape you need. When you drive by a farm you’ll see the giant-sized farm equipment that’s necessary to plant and harvest crops. The height and width of seeding equipment, harvesting combines, threshers, balers and all the other equipment necessary to run a farm these days is one thing. But protecting the investment on machinery of that size is an absolute must. And that’s where our metal buildings come into play.

That huge farm machinery would never fit in a regular size garage. You have to build a structure that’s big enough to drive them into, and preferably one with doors on either end so you can drive them straight out the other side. On top of a place to house large farm equipment, you may need agricultural metal buildings for your horses or a metal┬áriding arena or a steel livestock barn. If you’re running a dairy farm, you’ll probably need a completely different type of steel farm building than you would if you were simply storing tractors and machinery. No matter what type of steel building you need, we can design it for you.

Universal Steel has experts on staff who can help you design the perfect steel farm buildings to help with all your needs. Whether you need an extra 5 car barn-type building for all your trucks and cars, or you need metal storage buildings, we can create a steel building kit that will be easy to assemble with just a few friends to help you. The exterior of your metal barn will be designed to meet all the building codes in your area, and the inside can be divided in any way necessary for your needs. So give us a call at 1-800-993-4660 or 770-449-6588 and let us design the agricultural metal buildings to fit all your needs.

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