6 Oct

Satisfaction guaranteed pre engineered steel building

Metal Building styles offered by Universal Steel of America include many common pre engineered steel building designs. Gable styles provide traditional center ridged-roof slopes. This particular style is available in a variety of pitches. The Single-Slope Style has similar characteristics of the Gable Style. The difference between the two styles is that the Single-Slop offers a single-slope configuration. Lean-to style pre engineered steel buildings resemble the Single-Slope. The former style provides an economical means for building wider roof line extensions. The pre engineered steel building can also be attached lower building levels and provide additional office and storage space.

Gable Roof System structures provide a roof with two sloping sides and a ridge. With optional tapered columns, this style of pre engineered steel building is a cost-effective solution for office, warehouse, industrial, and commercial arrangements. Straight column option provides a good system for palletized storage or display racks and is also ideal for shopping centers and other commercial buildings. Gable Roof System pre engineered steel building are available with clear span frames or with interior columns, which provide economical solutions for wide buildings.

A Single Slope System provides a building with one roof surface. With single-side drainage, these systems are suitable for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and retail shopping centers. The available tapered columns provide an inexpensive solution for wider buildings, while the available straight columns allow for maximum usage of interior space. Clear span frames are available or interior columns can be added to provide an economical answer for wide buildings.

A Lean-To System provides a cost-efficient means build wider. Utilizing a single slope system to extend the roof line, a building can be attach a lower level in the building. This is ideal when additional space for office or storage is needed.

Regardless of which style you choose, your pre engineered steel building is a sure bet with Universal Steel of America. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we look forward to working with one more customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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