19 Jul

Prefab Steel Building

Do you need more room to store your “stuff”? Is your house overrun with extra furniture, extra clothes, boxes of shoes or all those kitchen appliances and gadgets you just had to have? Maybe you have more cars now since all the kids are driving and you need a bigger garage to keep them out of the weather. Or maybe you’re one of those families who has a boat and jet skis for the summer and snowmobiles and skis for winter fun. All those things can take up a lot of room and really clutter up your house, your basement and your garage. If any of these things are cluttering your life and you need more space to store things, call our team at Universal Steel and find out how you can have a prefab steel building in your backyard to store all the “extras” in your life.

Having a prefab steel building on your property is something you’ll want to talk to your home owner’s association or city about before you build it. Once you have the go-ahead, we can show you all types of plans that can be customized to fit your property and your needs. If you need room for cars and storage, we can include a garage and storage area in your plan. If you have “toys” for every season, we can show you how to store them so you don’t need to move them around to get them out when you want them. We’re experts when it comes to custom steel buildings for homeowners, as well as businesses.

Whatever you need to store outside your home can be accommodated in a prefab steel building designed for you by the team at Universal Steel. Just give us a call at 770-449-6588 or 800-993-4660 and we’ll be happy to help you customize the storage building that’s right for you.

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