20 Apr

Steel Building Kit

Whether you need…

more storage space
more work space
a religious center
a school
a manufacturing plant
an airplane hangar
a barn for your farm
an office
a new home
a new office building
a retail store
a restaurant or bar
or any other type of building…

Universal Steel can create a steel building kit to meet your needs. We know a lot of people don’t think of steel when they’re building barns or restaurants or homes, but we’re pretty sure you’d be surprised at the amount of different types of buildings that are currently being built using steel.

The other thing you’re probably not thinking about is the amount of money you could save if you buy a steel building kit and put your building together with your friends and family. Although that might seem like a huge project that couldn’t be done without contractors who have done it before, we think you’ll be surprised at just how detailed our instructions really are. Showing you where to put every nut and bolt is very important to our steel building design team. That’s why our instructions are the best in the industry, and our customer support goes above and beyond what you’d ever expect.

So no matter what type of building you need, think of Universal Steel and our team of experts before you spend money on a builder who will end up costing a lot more than necessary. The advantages of a steel building kit as far as cost and savings, not to mention durability for years to come, outweigh any other type of building structure. So before you make a move and spend more money than necessary, call Universal Steel at 800-993-4660 and talk to our design experts about your metal building needs. We’ll be happy to explain the advantages of building it yourself with steel products that are meant to last a lifetime. Give us a call today.

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