3 Jan

Steel Building Kits California

Universal Steel of America takes great pride in its reputation of providing exemplary customer service to our clients throughout California. We understand the importance of designing affordable and safe environments for both occupants and property.

We consider the forces a structure in California may have to withstand. That’s why we not only prepare client designs for all types of weather, but we prepare them for everything from earthquakes to fire. We use double bolted girts and reinforce entryways with joints. We make sure that ventilation gets in and moisture stays out. We insulate to ensure your structures are energy efficient. Whether it’s desert winds, summer rain or even the unlikely snow load, expect a return on your investment that will more than exceed expectations.

California has one of the busiest and largest economies in the world. Its businesses cannot afford to take chances with their properties. That’s why we ensure our insulated steel building kits align with LEED environmental designs. Our steel building kits meet all California code requirements, and promise to provide long lasting performance. We make sure they are cost effective, energy efficient and versatile enough to match the specific needs of aircraft hangars, warehouses, residential and office spaces, educational and religious buildings, auto repair facilities, farm storage, wineries, commercial structures, and much, much more.

As a customer oriented service, Universal Steel aspires to have the highest corporate values and employee talent. We use them to provide our customers with the best in design, fabrication, engineering and construction in steel building kits. Your project isn’t simply your investment, it’s ours. That’s because a satisfied customer is a resource. It means good word of mouth and recommendations that keep us alive.

If you have a steel construction project on the boards, call Universal Steel and get a FREE quote (800) 993-4660.