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5 Amazing Features of Prefab Steel Buildings

1 - 5 Amazing Features of Prefab Steel Buildings

5 Amazing Features of Prefab Steel Buildings

Steel is the most recycled material in the world, with a recycling rate of 90%. Prefabricated steel buildings are used for a variety of jobs all around the world due to their dependability and ease of construction. Here are five amazing features of prefab steel buildings!

1. Durability

Steel is a naturally strong material, making prefab steel buildings impressively durable, corrosion-resistant, and non-combustible. They can hold heavy snow loads during harsh winters, and can even withstand some seismic activity. Steel is a great choice for extreme weather conditions such as high winds and low temperatures, making it a favorite of commercial sites all around the country.

2. Sustainability

Steel is a 100% recyclable material, making for a surprisingly eco-friendly building. While other buildings often have to simply be demolished, steel can quickly be reused for other building purposes. With no limit on the number of times it can be recycled, prefab steel buildings are wonder products when it comes to sustainability.

3. Easy Assembly

While other building materials are heavy to load, transport, and work with, steel is surprisingly light and easy to maneuver. Measuring, cutting, and more are all done prior to shipping, making the design easy to snap together on-site. The design is meant to be as efficient as possible, which cuts both the cost and the number of hours needed to construct a building.

4. Minimal Maintenance

With no danger of home-destroying bugs like termites, and steel’s natural corrosion resistance, these buildings do not require ongoing maintenance. They are easy to clean, rust-proof, and will not discolor over time.

5. Energy Efficiency

Prefab steel buildings are insulated from outside conditions, making them surprisingly energy efficient. The steel also deflects heat, making it possible to reduce internal cooling with no risk to anything stored inside.

Prefab steel buildings are an excellent choice for a variety of applications such as mini-storage, workshops, airplane hangars, and agricultural buildings, as well as commercial and industrial buildings. With steel, it’s easy to expand or even build a facility from the ground up at a much lower cost and in a much shorter time frame than other buildings materials, which can take months or years. Get to know the endless possibilities of prefab steel buildings today!

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