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5 Questions to Ask Before Using Prefab Construction

prefabricated commercial buildings

5 Questions to Ask Before Using Prefab Construction

When your business overgrows its facilities and potential, it is necessary to relocate to a bigger space or to expand. There are many options, each carrying its benefits and drawbacks. Similarly, there are many prefabricated building contractor companies, and picking one may prove hectic.

Relocating and expanding a commercial facility is not an easy project. Luckily, Universal Steel, a nationwide metal construction and steel prefab buildings company, has compiled questions to help you make the big decisions.

1. Are You Dealing With Experienced Prefab Home Constructors?

When investing in prefabricated commercial buildings, ensure the company has decades’ worth of experience. Therefore, you will be guaranteed great results.

At Universal Steel, you will have a skilled team to design-build your prefab steel buildings, prefab metal buildings, warehouse buildings, airplane hangar kits, and other prefab construction buildings. Relocating and expanding your facility depends on how efficient your design-build company is.

2. How Much Time Do I Have for a Move?

The shorter the time frame that you work with, the more cost-effective prefab construction may be. Prefab buildings are delivered directly to your site and ready to occupy in as little as a few weeks after delivery. The savings come from the speed of delivery, but also from the fact that they can be designed, built, and shipped even quicker than a conventional facility which is designed later and then built on-site over several months or weeks. This means that you can save money by not hiring as many workers, and the prefab building will be ready for occupancy long before a conventional building would be.

3. What Are Your Options?

Before you purchase prefabricated commercial buildings, ensure you exhaust all your options. Lacking the right builder means you won’t have all the information you need to make a decision. It would be best if you only worked with a team with various metal and steel building designs, customizations, and building kits.

4. What Services Do They Offer?

Choosing a design-build company specializing in commercial, industrial, community, agricultural, and retail prefab buildings is vital. A prefabricated commercial building designed and built by a reliable company takes less time, is more affordable, and reduces work tension.

5. Do You Want On-Site or Off-Site Prefab Construction?

Depending on your desire, budget, and timeline, you can have either on-site or off-site construction. On-site involves the building kits being built and connected at your building’s relocation or expansion site.

On the other hand, off-site construction means the prefabricated commercial buildings are assembled before being delivered to the site. It is more popular and has the advantages of better engineering and is time-saving.

Check if the design-build company has the certification and meets the legal requirements for building prefab metal buildings.

6. Is it Worth the Investment?

Prefabricated commercial buildings minimize relocating and expanding costs. However, you should ask yourself if your business will have a high ROI long-term.

For contractors, it is important to research future market trends and property value. This will help you know how valuable the building will be if you want to sell it in the future.

If you plan on renting the prefab steel building, compare potential yields to the cost of buying and maintaining the prefab space. Also, understand the sturdiness of the material and design to know how long the building will last.

Why Choose Universal Steel to Design-Build Your Prefab Buildings?

Traditionally, it was thought that prefab commercial buildings mean a drop in quality and robustness. Now, many companies and contractors prefer prefab construction. Additionally, recycling saves nearly 75% of the energy costs during the steel-making process.

At Universal Steel of America, we believe in running an eco-friendly design and build company. Our reputation as an integral design-build provider remains unmatchable. Contact our team today and inquire about prefabricated commercial buildings. We promise to make your relocation easier.

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