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Which Building System is Right for You


Which Building System is Right for You

What are the Advantages of Building with Steel?

Steel is an all-around better choice for building and offers several advantages and benefits. Choosing prefabricated steel kits can help you save money in construction costs because the kits are ready to build. They can save money in waste disposal and insurance costs too. Steel is more durable and easier to maintain than other materials and stands up to natural disasters better than wood or concrete. Finally, using steel doesn’t deplete woodlands and steel isn’t wasted during production like wood. Steel products are recycled and utilized in new steel production, which makes the material environmentally friendly.

Is Steel Expensive to Build with?

Using prefabricated steel kits can save you money in several ways. Steel kits are designed beforehand, and they save you time and money on construction. You don’t have to cut or measure the pieces, because that has been done for you. There is also significantly less human error in cutting, measuring, and assembly. For smaller projects, such as metal sheds, you could even set up these kits with a few friends and make a relaxing weekend out of it.

When steel is prefabricated there is much less scrap. The Steel Recycling Institute found that the average project using steel had 2% scrap versus 20% using lumber. Having fewer excess materials saves you money on waste disposal or landfill fees.

Steel is also extremely durable and dependable. Many insurance companies offer discounts for buildings made of steel. That’s because they know a building made of steel lasts longer and won’t need expensive repairs.

What are the Strength and Durability Benefits of Steel?

An added advantage of using steel is your structure can stand decades of use. This incredibly durable material is fireproof, isn’t affected by termites or mold, and needs very little maintenance. Wood structures can warp and rot and will need a lot of fixing over the years. Additionally, termites and other pests can destroy wood overtime.

Buildings made with concrete and masonry materials can sometimes be a great choice for a project because they are durable and fireproof. Although, over time these buildings may require costly repairs because of cracking and wear.

Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material. Because steel is so strong, it is the best choice for withstanding natural disasters. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, tornados, or forest fires steel would be a better choice than wood or masonry.

Are Steel Buildings Environmentally Friendly?

An additional benefit of steel building construction is decreased environmental impact. According to the Steel Recycling Institute, 86% of steel is recycled and 2/3 of new steel is made from old steel. The high rate of recycling means that the creation of steel has a lower impact on the environment. Scrapping extra steel can also help you to offset construction costs.

Wood is a renewable resource but the process of making lumber is wasteful and damages the environment. According to the American Institute of Steel Construction, 40% of each tree harvested is left behind and 56% of wood that gets to the lumber mill isn’t used in the final lumber product. Unlike lumber, producing steel doesn’t diminish that number of trees in the ecosystem.

Finally, steel buildings offer air quality benefits because steel doesn’t emit volatile organic compounds and other chemicals.

What are the Advantages of Steel Compared to Other Materials?

When designing a new building there are many things to consider before choosing a building material. Lumber, concrete, and masonry all have their advantages, but steel is an environmentally friendly option providing a durable, affordable structure that will last for years.

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