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Barndominiums - Barndominiums


Barndominiums, when done out of I-beam steel, elevate to a classification of prefab commercial buildings. What are they and why are they on the rise? Coined by the merging of ‘barn’ and ‘condominium’, a barndo’ or steel building home kitsare becoming highly sought after in recent years, due partially to the attractiveness of an open floor plan scheme. Though there are several valuable benefits that come with designing your own ‘barndo’, it seems an open floor plan space is by far the biggest selling point. The reason being that the weight and load requirement of prefab commercial buildings are supported by the outside wall, engineered with I-beam steel construction, being the safest in strength and structural integrity. Thus, load-bearing walls can be taken out of the equation and create ample room, you benefit from such diverse latitude with any interior layout. Some even utilize other uses aside from it being strictly residential. Themes are complimented, such as gyms, warehouses, workshops, hangars or even retail go hand in hand with barndominiums, or as we call them,steel building home kits.

The application of I-beam steel construction for these innovative steel building home kits, will lower the overall maintenance and is incredibly energy efficient. Deterioration caused by natural elements, or structural damage by Mother Nature’s natural disasters is significantly decreased due to how strong and weatherproof I-beam steel construction is in and of itself. Not to mention how low-cost it is to assemble in the field, especially compared to other conventional standard homes. Since everything is designed and manufactured, cut into precise component pieces off-site, there is a significant decrease in both construction time, cost, and material waste.

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