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Clear-Span Prefabricated Metal Buildings

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Clear-Span Prefabricated Metal Buildings

If you need a building with one large open space, considered a clear-span, then you should consider one of our prefabricated metal buildings. These structures can be open clear-span or have modules separated by interior columns that line up with exterior wall columns.

Benefits of a Metal Commercial Building

There are many benefits of a metal commercial building, especially when you need up to a maximum of three hundred feet of space; unlike a wooden truss or framed building, which only gives you up to 60 or 70 feet of free open space.

Additionally, the clear-span structures have a vast amount of space all the way to the ceiling, as opposed to a wooden structure where the ceiling will run straight across at only the height of the wall. 

A clear-span prefabricated metal building has an exterior framing system while being column-free in the interior, allowing more room since there are no interior support columns. Not only does a clear-span I-beam commercial metal building give you more open space, but it will give more ceiling height, too. The rafter slopes up at the same pitch as the roof, giving even more ceiling clearance space inside the structure.

A prefabricated metal building with a clear span allows ample room for storage of oversized machinery, as well as the option of adding an underhung crane for lifting, loading, or relocating materials. Additionally, you are provided with forklift and tractor clearance, and the capability to operate as an aircraft hangar.

Who Should Use a Clear-Span Prefabricated Metal Building?

Anyone in need of steel barns, warehouses, indoor riding horse arenas, sports arenas such as tennis, or any other sport or activity that can benefit from being indoors, should ideally use a clear-span type structure for their space.

Clear-span prefabricated metal buildings are ideal if the building will be holding large audiences, such as churches, school auditoriums, and theaters. This will give the spectators an obstruction-free view while providing indoor comforts in a climate-controlled environment.

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