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How Long Do Prefab Commercial Buildings Last?

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How Long Do Prefab Commercial Buildings Last?

Despite how far this industry has evolved over the last 15 years, every prefab commercial building is still susceptible to wear and tear over time and harsh exposure. While the time span for most prefab commercial buildings falls within the fifty to the sixty-year range, numerous factors can help elongate longevity. Some of which, but not entirely limited to, revolve around researching the surrounding environment, picking the right materials, and the diligence of upkeep.

Depending on the climate you are exposed to, there are certain precautions to take while designing a prefab commercial building. Heavy snowfall and rain, harsh winds, salt water, and sunlight, as well as pollution, can all have a negative impact on a prefab commercial building. Thus, making it imperative to have an experienced building consultant or engineer take all of this into account and plan accordingly.

Though it may seem obvious, a thorough inspection of the interior is just as important as the exterior. Too much internal humidity, built-up moisture, or housing livestock, just to name a few. These can create growth of mold and mildew, and decay, it could even lead to cracks or holes in the wall and roof if left unchecked. Faulty plumbing, cracks in pipes, and broken wiring could also up the risks of potential damage to prefab commercial buildings and personnel within. Regular inspection is of the utmost importance, and it is critical to take action with preventative care instead of letting nature run its course and damage the structure. If all of this is considered and acted upon, then your prefab commercial building should run its entire course without an issue.

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