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How To Determine the Best Size for Your Prefabricated Steel Building?

IMG 3009c - How To Determine the Best Size for Your Prefabricated Steel Building?

How To Determine the Best Size for Your Prefabricated Steel Building?

Choosing a suitable size for your prefabricated metal building is not an easy task. But gathering certain information can guide you to make a correct decision. First, you must know what the purpose of your prefabricated steel building is. How will you be using your metal building? For example, will it be used for a warehouse, industrial shop, aircraft hangar, retail store, or storage facility?


Also, consider what equipment, if any, will you have inside the metal building. Knowing what your building will be for and what will be inside of it, can help you determine the length, width, and height needed. The length of a prefabricated metal building can be whatever you want it to be. Since metal buildings are very versatile you can design your first building with an expandable rigid frame. This will allow you to easily expand the length of your building in the future.


Take into consideration where you are planning to locate your prefab metal building. Know how much area is available for your metal building. In addition, check on the required zoning, parking, and building code requirements in the city the building will be located. With Universal Steel of America, your prefabricated steel building will be designed to meet your geographical building codes.


Know the budget allocated to your project, regardless of whether it is a small or big project. This will help you make decisions about your prefab metal building throughout the process. Do take into consideration that there are other expenses associated with erecting a prefab metal building, concrete cost, and insulation system to meet energy code, of course, aside from purchasing the metal building kit.


Be aware that with metal buildings, there are no standard sizes or models that you must choose from. With Universal Steel of America, we can help you design your prefabricated metal building according to your needs and use application.

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