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Investing In a Prefabricated Metal Building

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Investing In a Prefabricated Metal Building

Your investment in a prefabricated metal building, such as a steel barn kit, is a wise decision overall. These types of buildings have more benefits than just being long-lasting.


Design and Use

A prefabricated metal building does not have to be just for industrial or commercial use. Installing a prefabricated steel barn kit on your residential property is also a possibility if your city codes permit it. We, at Universal Steel of America, can help custom design the steel barn kit according to your needs, specifications, and city codes.

Don’t worry, your prefabricated metal building does not have to look like a big metal box. We can add a higher roof pitch, as well as overhangs, windows, and doors. Additionally, to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, there are various exterior finishes that can be attached to the outside of the building.

Our prefabricated metal building, such as a steel barn kit, can be designed to store a car, equipment, or anything you may desire, such as a boat or RV. Our prefabricated metal buildings are built with a steel I-beam design, making them exceptionally durable. This type of structure helps protect your valuable possessions from severe weather conditions.



Other benefits of steel I-beam are that they are fire-resistant, providing more protection to your possessions rather than with a conventional wood-framed building, alongside having no worries about termites eating away at the building, since steel I-beam buildings are also pest resistant.

Of course, the most important benefit is that prefabricated metal buildings will save money overall. These buildings are energy efficient in many ways since we do offer the various options of insulating them.

When we provide an insulation system for a prefabricated metal building, all the spaces are sealed, and you can create a climate-controlled environment, preventing the HVAC system from overworking. Also, the maintenance of a prefabricated metal building is easy since all that needs to be done periodically, is to pressure wash the building to remove any dirt that has accumulated.

Contact a building consultant with Universal Steel of America, we are standing by to help Imagine, Design, and Build your dream.

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