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Metal Commercial Building vs Block Building Construction

Universal Steel - Metal Commercial Building vs Block Building Construction

Metal Commercial Building vs Block Building Construction

When it comes to deciding the very best material, you are going to use for your building, there are various options to choose from such as wood, block, or steel. Within these options, block and steel are the most sturdy and long-lasting overall. Even with this similarity, there are distinct cost differences that should be considered. While choosing the steel material, realize steel I-beam is superior, so by design, a prefabricated metal building is the best choice.

Although concrete prices stay relatively constant, more material is needed for the construction of a block building, compared to a prefabricated metal building. With a prefabricated metal building the steel I-beams, footings, and columns are smaller and less heavy, making them less expensive than when using concrete for a block building. You also save more with a prefabricated steel building because it comes with a roof, unlike a concrete block building, where you must acquire additional material for the roof system.

When opting for a metal commercial building, not only do you save on the material cost, but also reduce on labor hours, too. The prefabricated metal building is designed in a factory, where it is pre-engineered, pre-cut, and pre-punched, designed to your specifications, delivered to your job site, and ready to be erected. With a commercial metal building, less skilled workers are needed, too; in contrast to a block building, which needs more skilled workers and labor intensive.

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