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Reasons Why Steel Buildings Are Taking Over the Residential Market

12 - Reasons Why Steel Buildings Are Taking Over the Residential Market

Reasons Why Steel Buildings Are Taking Over the Residential Market

While steel buildings have been common in the industrial and commercial construction industries for years, these versatile structures have just recently been celebrated in the residential market.

As steel building experts in the USA, Universal Steel of America goes into detail below about the growing residential appeal of steel.

The ‘Industrial’ Trend in Home Decor

Steel beams and features were once seen as ugly, but now they are viewed as ‘hip’ and ‘cool’. This is largely because home décor’s ‘industrial’ style is trending and has gained massive momentum.

A Focus on the Environment

The focus on environmental friendliness has taken the construction industry by storm, with consumers caring a lot more about the materials used and their sustainability than ever before. Steel is a renewable material that is highly durable and 100% recyclable, so it is no wonder that it’s become so popular.

Better Than Wood

One of the greatest things about steel as a material is that it solves many of the problems that wood presents, especially in terms of durability. While wood may have once been the most popular choice for home framing, it may soon be taken over by steel.

Disaster Resistant

Steel is a material that is resistant to fire and earthquakes and is completely watertight. This is ideal if you live in an area that is known for its precarious weather conditions. Steel housing is well worth looking into if things like earthquakes and fires play on your mind. 

Easier to Build

When compared to other structural building materials such as wood and concrete, steel buildings are not just easier to build, but they are quicker too. You reduce the risk of anything going wrong and get the keys to your new home sooner than usual.

Are you interested in steel buildings? Speak to the experts at Universal Steel of America today! We offer metal buildings, insulation, customizations, and more.

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