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Recycling Building Material

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Recycling Building Material

Recycling saves 75 percent of the energy costs utilized in making the steel, and this goes a long way in helping conserve the environment as well as your resources. Construction of warehouses, hangars, and prefab steel buildings among others can be a lot more environmentally conscious of late than was possible some years back.

Factors that Influence Recycling of Building Materials

The ability to recycle building material salvaged from building and demolition sites or even old prefab steel buildings depends on:

  • Time available for the salvage operations.
  • Market demand for recycled building materials
  • Local recycling facilities around the site
  • Condition and quality of materials being salvaged
  • Emphasis or regulations put on recycling

These factors come into play when you are trying to figure out if and how to recycle, so it is good to have advanced knowledge of the same before you get to groundbreaking. Material that can be recycled includes concrete, steel, plastics, aluminum, untreated timber, cardboard and paper, paint, and even topsoil. This means that once you decide to recycle, there’s a lot that you can do.

Benefits of Using Recycled Materials

If you can incorporate recycled material into a part of your building project while making sure the materials are appropriate for the project, sustainable, and efficient to procure, you should do so. You will enjoy:

  • A smaller environmental impact is a major focus for many companies and property owners.
  • Cost savings because salvage materials are often cheaper than buying new.
  • Incentives like loans, tax incentives, bonus density, grants, and goodwill both from the community and the government.
  • Improved relations with fellow contractors and industries because getting salvage material from them makes it easy and profitable to dispose of materials they don’t need.
  • Improved community planning from sustainable development is a goal for many communities.
  • Expedited permits from governmental jurisdictions once you demonstrate sustainable practices like recycling building materials which will help minimize landfill.

With so many incentives and benefits to recycling, it may be a hard habit to develop but one that stands to improve a lot of aspects besides frugality. Prefab steel buildings have a lot of benefits as well including protection from the elements and so if you can use recycled steel and other salvaged materials, you can impact the surrounding communities positively.

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