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The Best Rated Building Type For a Natural Disaster?

metal building

The Best Rated Building Type For a Natural Disaster?

Benefits of metal buildings and steel homes?

A metal building or steel home has engineering capabilities that complement its steel-frame design. It will withstand the most terrifying natural disasters known to man. Steel is stronger than other building materials, such as wood and concrete block. These two materials are often used to build commercial or residential buildings. While steel is a very strong material, steel-frame buildings are engineered with a degree flexibility. It can absorb the overwhelming force faced during inclement weather or a natural disaster. Keep this in mind if you have plans to build anytime soon.

We have had many testimonials here at UniversalSteel.com over the past twenty-five years. Many say that a steel-framed building or a steel home is the ultimate long- term solution to your building needs.

Jim B. of Naples Florida had this to say after his home was hit by a hurricane: “Me and my family are safe. I can honestly say it was one hell of a ride. The eye of the storm literally came right over us at 131 mph sustained winds for two hours and gusts up to 155. It sounded like a freight train coming over the building I was in.”

You can read Jim’s testimonial and many others here on our testimonial page.
A metal building will cost less over the building’s lifetime and be safer and more durable from a structural integrity standpoint. A steel-framed building or steel home is a very practical solution to commercial or residential construction. Some building professionals will direct you to take a more traditional approach when beginning a building plan. Conventional construction, while benefiting these building professionals, does not have the strength of steel-frame. The biggest benefit of a metal building is that it will withstand natural disasters in so many challenging places throughout the world. Steel-frame buildings are strong yet lightweight by design, allowing you to design for safety. This allows for a design without the unnecessary bulkiness that puts undue pressure on the foundation.

Structural Strength and Durability of steel frame metal buildings and steel homes

Metal buildings are designed and built to stand firm against earthquakes, hurricanes, heavy snowfall, high winds, flooding and other unimaginable natural disasters. Where the elements impede conventional construction, steel-frame buildings are quite different. Steel-frame buildings and steel homes can be designed to withstand a 160-mph sustained wind, not to mention gusts experienced from hurricanes and tornadoes. While you can burn a conventionally constructed building down with one match, steel is virtually flame retardant. Steel will not soak up water or have mold problems that are found in conventional construction.

Construction Cost of steel framed metal buildings and steel homes

Steel-frame buildings and steel homes generally have a shorter construction time than conventional buildings. This is due to the need for fewer components. A steel building kit will be delivered to your job site, ready to assemble. Steel is recyclable. Steel-frame buildings are impervious to cracking, warping, pests and mold. This provides for low construction costs, maintenance costs, and lower insurance premiums

steel frame metal and steel home Construction Timeframe

A general steel building can be assembled quickly and efficiently in all seasons. It can lower construction costs dramatically. A metal building is delivered to your job site ready to assemble. It can usually be erected in days or weeks, not months. Metal buildings can generally be designed for a more appealing exterior, such as brick, stone, stucco or glass. You can attach masonry directly to the metal building. This means shorter construction time and the ability to transform your metal building into something aesthetically appealing.

Lifetime Maintenance on steel-framed metal buildings and steel homes

A word of caution on building warranties – some building companies misrepresent their warranties. They are not worth the paper they are written on. Universal Steel of America warranties speak for themselves. Steel is a superior building material because it does not shrink, split or warp. There are no nails or drywall cracks to fix after the structure is completed. You have much lower maintenance costs with metal buildings — simply power spray it once a year. Discounts are given on builder’s risk insurance for steel-frame buildings. Steel is 100% recyclable with no loss of strength or durability over time

Energy Efficiency on a metal building or steel home

Metal buildings are incredibly energy efficient by design. You can incorporate geothermal heat pumps, solar energy systems and wind turbines for added energy efficiency. Adding these elements will help you save consistent money on energy over time. Improvement in renewable energy resources, such as solar thermal energy combined with the reduction of energy demand due to a metal building’s efficiency is crucial to our future. This helps us work towards a more ecologically friendly and sustainable environment through energy efficient

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