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Ways To Customize Your Prefabricated Building

Ways To Customize - Ways To Customize Your Prefabricated Building

Ways To Customize Your Prefabricated Building

There is a common misconception of how ‘limited’ prefabricated buildings can be. Most would assume that the dimensions and aesthetics are rigid within the realm of creativity, but that simply isn’t the case at all. In fact, all prefabricated buildings are highly customizable from top to bottom, interior to exterior. All of the design proportions, open wall conditions, door and window accessories, color options, and add-ons have such a variety for any client to pick and choose from.

Regardless of intended use, we can provide an assortment of varying structure types, such as gabled, symmetrical, unsymmetrical, single sloped, and lean-tos. The roofing does not have to be uniform either,we can provide a standard screw-down, built-up with plywood deck for shingles or tile, standing seam, and a plethora of pitches to complement aesthetics. The variety of colors to choose from are not restricted to a monochromatic scale for exterior walls, roof, trims, downs, and even doors. Anything from solid whites to vibrant reds, deep greens, and warm browns are available to select. Not to mention that the selection of entryways can range from man doors, double doors, sectionals, and rollups, all in the custom sizes or walk doors4’x7’, 3’x7’, and 6’x7’.

If you are in need of a dependable company to help you design and provide a prefabricated, steel building or PEMB, contact us today!

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