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What Are Prefab Commercial Building Kits and Why Do You Need Them?

Premium Manufacturing - What Are Prefab Commercial Building Kits and Why Do You Need Them?

What Are Prefab Commercial Building Kits and Why Do You Need Them?

If you’re at all involved in the steel construction industry, you’ve probably heard of prefab buildings before. As one of the most significant categories for manufactured buildings, they’re quickly becoming more prevalent in the construction industry.

First, What Does Prefab Mean?

Prefab is simply a shortened version of the term “prefabrication.” Prefabrication is the process of manufacturing a building or piece of furniture in sections so it can be assembled on-site. Since these elements are pre-built, it makes assembly quick and easy at the construction site.

What Are Prefab Commercial Building Kits?

Regarding commercial metal and steel buildings and warehouses, prefab metal building kits have benefits but much lower cost and effort. Prefab metal and steel building kits are commonly used for commercial applications because of these reasons and their ability to adjust their
design to fit your needs.

At Universal Steel of America, we support various building systems and materials for all your needs. No matter the type of commercial building you plan to construct, a prefab commercial building kit can be customized with the exact features you have in mind. In addition, there are many kinds of prefab building kits available.

Benefits of Commercial Prefab Buildings


Prefab buildings are manufactured in sections to the client’s precise specifications, which helps cut back on any raw material waste. Once all the required structural components are shipped to the construction site, they can be put together. Although it still needs skilled labor, it can be done faster and easier—meaning reduced labor costs from shorter construction times, as well as an earlier return on investment.
In essence, you can get the ideal building you want—but you won’t have to break the bank for it.


At Universal Steel of America, we’re known for our top-quality manufacturing. Since we take all local building codes and permits into account, our buildings are known to withstand harsh winds and weather conditions, even after more than 18 years!

In addition, a steel or metal building is much easier to clean and maintain than a wood or block structure. They’re also insect-free, safe from humidity and moisture, and provide minor damage from water, fire, and other threats.


Steel and metal prefab building kits are incredibly flexible in terms of design and zoning requirements. Whether you need new construction or an expansion on an existing structure, prefab commercial building kits allow your structure to be created just as you want it.

Once the conceptual design is completed, it’s simply a case of manufacturing the required elements and bringing them to the field. At Universal Steel of America, we consult with architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and owners throughout the process—to ensure
we fulfill client needs and work out how to lower costs wherever possible.

Whether you’re looking for commercial, agricultural, or residential buildings, we do it all at Universal Steel of America! We provide custom prefab metal building kits across America and have done so for over 25 years. To get a quote, call us at (770) 449-6588, email us at
sales@universalsteel.com, or contact us online!

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