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What Are the Advantages of Steel Building Kits?


What Are the Advantages of Steel Building Kits?

A Steel building kit comes with everything you need to assemble your prefab metal building on-sight. Steel building kits are the most efficient solution for various storage and housing needs. These building kits save time and money with their quick assembly and reduced construction timeline, not to mention they’re customizable to fit your exact specifications and style. With the appropriate care, you will have a durable, sturdy steel building for decades to come. Regardless of the end use for your building project, there is no better construction method than prefab steel buildings.

Below is a breakdown of some of the key benefits of building with steel.

Quick & Easy Assembly

With steel building kits, everything is measured, cut, and pre-punched for you, and each building kit includes support columns, framing, and coverings to fasteners. Most metal building kits are bolt up designs that can be quickly erected and easily repaired. In fact, if you need to move your steel building, you can disassemble it and reassemble it in a new location if you desire.

Buildings made of steel are also very easy to expand. If you decide to start small or you need more space, you can simply purchase more prefab steel building kits or enlarge some of the units for larger items such as RVs, boats, or hefty lawn equipment.

Custom Options

Steel building kits come in a range of standard building sizes with a wide variety of colors to choose from. Once you determine the size and color scheme of your steel building, you have the chance to do a little customization to make your building more distinct.

All your choices are made with the building manufacturer, from the size of the building to the color of the roof panels. Your building is prefabricated under strictly controlled conditions with a high level of quality control. Any welding is performed at the factory under the same stringent conditions and is inspected and tested before the steel building kit leaves the factory.

Low Maintenance & Low Cost

Steel buildings are very low maintenance. Just by cleaning the exterior periodically, checking for rust, and replacing fasteners, you can have your metal building looking just like new, even after several years.

Quality control is stringent and performed before you receive your prefab steel building. Designed to local building code, steel building kits have lower overall construction costs.

Durable, Sturdy & Reliable

Buildings made of steel withstand high winds, heavy snow, and seismic events much better than comparable wood-frame or stone structures. A steel building kit, when properly maintained, will last for decades. Steel can be recycled endlessly and never lose its original strength. Steel is also resistant to fire, rust, insects, and animals. Because of the incredible damage-resistance of steel buildings, you may even get a break on your insurance premiums.

Additionally, steel has the largest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material. Though steel is just as strong as concrete, wood, or brick, it’s much lighter in weight and doesn’t affect the foundation nearly as drastically as other buildings do.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel is 100% recyclable, so it doesn’t generate nearly as much waste as traditional building materials. In fact, most steel building kits purchased will be composed of recycled steel.

Steel building kits also provide numerous opportunities to save energy and create a comfortable workspace. Because steel buildings offer an abundance of natural light, you can save on energy and electricity and have the option to install solar panels, cool roofs, insulation, and weather tight doors and windows.

Pre-engineered and prefab steel buildings reduce construction waste because the building materials are already cut and packaged for you—meaning you don’t have to drill, cut or scrap anything during the construction process. Ultimately, steel building kits reduce construction emissions from equipment that’s commonly needed to construct traditional buildings.

It’s hard to beat steel as a long-lasting, sustainable, low-maintenance building material. Universal Steel of America prefab metal buildings are made from 100% American Steel—the strongest industrial grade steel in the world. Our team of trained professionals will help you design and assemble the perfect building for your specific needs.

At Universal Steel of America, we love what we do and look forward to building with you on your next project.

Feel free to contact us through our website or simply pick up the phone to give us a call.


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