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Why Architects are Waking-up to Prefabricated Commercial Buildings?

Pre-engineered metal buildings

Why Architects are Waking-up to Prefabricated Commercial Buildings?


It is almost guaranteed that architects, at some point, will have to undergo a project that requires a prefab commercial building. Understandably, many who are unfamiliar with pre-engineered metal buildings find these projects to be intimidating instead of exciting.


Nevertheless, steel offers architects a host of advantages and innovative solutions that they can be inspired by. The Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) finds this misconception of steel appalling and has therefore made correcting it a number one priority. They are now aiming towards applying these studies into the curriculum for colleges.


Speaking on the advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings, Zoltan E. Pali, founder of Calif.-based SPF: architects, claims that the primary benefits of using steel are how it is durable, cost-effective, and quickly erected. Steel is light, flexible, and durable in even the most severe weather. Also, pre-engineered metal buildings are like prefabricated steel Legos. They build easily and fast, which means the client gets their building erected quickly. Unlike Legos, however, steel buildings are extremely versatile and the opposite of what most architects think. There is a large population of contractors who think steel frame buildings are for simple projects like a storage unit or a brewery that you just pull off a shelf while shopping. In reality, each metal building is a solution that is tailored to the project’s specific needs.


Once architects understand that prefab commercial buildings are highly customizable, I know they would appreciate and be intrigued by the versatility applicable to these structures. Prefab commercial buildings are superior for any project ranging from simple to the most creative, complex architecture. They are even capable of having stone, glass, or other design elements. These additions can up the value of the building and make it high-end, compatible with any market.


In the last two decades, our comprehension of prefab commercial buildings has undergone a remarkable transformation, transitioning towards highly personalized solutions. As the construction industry progressed, so did the pre-engineered metal buildings. Prefab commercial building manufacturers adeptly responded to market demands by creating and integrating cutting-edge tools, practices, and products. Consequently, the pre-engineered metal building market witnessed substantial growth, with larger clear spans enabling expansion into diverse sectors like recreation and aviation, where unobstructed interior spaces are essential.

This integration of advanced engineering tools, aesthetic application enhancements, novel products, and innovative designs has catapulted the prefab commercial building into a realm of greater intricacy and contemporary appeal.

Imagine, Design, Build:

Pre-engineered metal buildings effortlessly blend functional advantages with captivating design aesthetics, firmly holding onto their unique identity. Earning accolades from design professionals, these exceptional designs proudly showcase their metal nature instead of concealing it. Esteemed architects, including the renowned Mark Roddy, FAIA, wholeheartedly embrace the evolving design sensibility of pre-engineered metal buildings, appreciating their cost-effectiveness and inherent allure.

When architects embark on the task of transforming a prefab commercial building into a living embodiment of a design concept, they meticulously consider its essence, striving for genuine expression. This delicate balance involves customizing the design while ensuring simplicity prevails, as architects seek ingenious ways to push creative boundaries while honoring the building’s inherent traits.


To support architects in understanding and working with pre-engineered metal buildings, the MBMA provides a wealth of resources. Information on the architecture, engineering, design, and application of steel buildings can be found on www.youtube.com/mbmamedia which contains a plethora of videos.

Additionally, we can provide a technical installation manual, covering various aspects of pre-engineered metal buildings,digital download or request an hard copy, www.universalsteel.com.


Pre-engineered metal buildings offer architects unparalleled advantages, including flexibility, efficiency, and customization options. As architects embrace the true potential of these structures, prefab commercial buildings have evolved into sophisticated and versatile solutions that combine functionality with striking design aesthetics. Through MBMA’s available resources, architects can confidently navigate the world of prefab commercial buildings and unlock their full creative potential in architectural design. Please don’t hesitate to contact Universal Steel of America, our building consultant can assist with any questions you may have, www.universalsteel.com