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Why Choose Residential Steel Building Kits

House roof scaled - Why Choose Residential Steel Building Kits

Why Choose Residential Steel Building Kits

A steel building kit is a package that makes construction easy and quick, even without hiring contractors. You don’t need extra skills or specialized tools to use steel building kits. With a residential steel building kit, you do not have to buy materials separately for building your house.

It has everything you need to build a steel house, including a toolbox, metal cutting blade, tin snips, screw gun, extension ladder, etc. You can use these tools to erect houses, farmhouses, custom homes, and so on. They can also be used to fit custom building dimensions, place doors and windows, fix eave extensions, and implement different styles and shapes in the building.

At Universal Steel of America, you get countless prefab steel building kits to build residential buildings. These kits let you express your unique creativity and style without compromising the quality and safety of your building. Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from choosing steel building kits.

Why Should You Choose Steel Building Kits for Your Residential Building?

Steel building kits have become quite popular among homeowners in recent years. That is because they offer certain benefits that cannot be found in regular concrete or wood buildings. Here are some of them.

1.  They’re Cheaper

Steel building kits are suitable for personal homes as they are cheaper and easier to assemble than many other alternatives. Buildings made from these are low-maintenance, and you can complete them in a much shorter time than traditional options. Overall, the construction and maintenance costs are also lesser than other homes of the same size.

2.  Fire and Termite Resistance

Another reason why homeowners prefer steel framing is because it is non-combustible and thus provides fire safety benefits. This is a great advantage to have for a residential building, or rather any kind of building.

Steel buildings are also resistant to termites and pests, which can become a cause of great concern for residents over time.

3.  Quality and Durability

Structures that are built using steel building kits turn out to be incredibly strong and durable. Their components are engineered very precisely, with straight walls, geometrically accurate corners, and correct dimensions. Their build quality is excellent, which prevents pops in the drywall and saves homeowners from having to invest in costly repair works soon after construction is completed.

4.  Flexibility and Energy-Efficiency

Steel building kits are extremely flexible and versatile in their framing. For instance, Universal Steel of America offers highly customizable frame options that can be made to look exactly like traditional houses or tweaked to incorporate creative designs. It can have a vast open floor plan with fewer walls as steel poles can support wall weight efficiently.

Homeowners should also choose prefab building kits as they help in additional cost-saving. This is because steel buildings are well-insulated and, thus, highly energy-efficient. Your utility bills can be cut down to a good extent as cooling and heating needs are reduced due to sealed leaks and extra spaces.

Steel building kits are no longer unconventional or uncommon for residential buildings. Since they have several useful features that can make the lives of homeowners easier, you should consider choosing a steel building kit for your residential building construction. Connect with us at Universal Steel Of America. Inc. to get your residential steel building kit today! Call us at (770) 449-6588 or contact us online! We can help bring your project ideas to life!

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