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Why Prefab Modular Construction is Taking Over the Hotel Industry

prefabricated metal buildings

Why Prefab Modular Construction is Taking Over the Hotel Industry

Unlike traditional construction, modular construction is the process of assembling a partial or complete building off-site. It relies on:

  • Advanced technology
  • Diverse materials
  • Scales and systems
  • Digital software to create modules or “pods”

After we have completed the modular construction, we then transport it to your development site. But why exactly have prefabricated metal buildings become so popular in certain industries, like the hospitality sector?

Steel Modular Hotels: Prefabricated Metal Buildings

If you need a high-rise hotel, using steel is the way to go. With a recycling rate of 90%, steel is the most recycled material in the world.

With steel, you can get customized prefabricated metal buildings. There are a number of unique steel modular hotels that can be developed to meet the needs of clients all over the world. Why is steel the ideal choice?

  • It’s ideal for up to 20-story hotels
  • It’s a robust and sturdy building material
  • It can be used to create single-or double-room steel pods
  • Many models come with pre-installed appliances, fittings, fixtures
  • Because it’s a recyclable material, it’s ideal for sustainable brands and projects

Prefabricated metal buildings have several benefits, as outlined above. They can create durable and customized hotels that reach a majestic height. They’re also cost-effective and made from recycled steel that allows for eco-friendly buildings.

Another key advantage is that they’re aligned with rapid construction. Conventional construction is time-consuming compared to modular construction. Prefabricated metal buildings can minimize the construction timeline by 30 to 50%, in some cases. Because all prefabricated metal buildings are developed off-site, the installation process is simplified and sped up. When on-site, many construction processes are conducted simultaneously, saving you a ton of time and costs.

This also culminates in a less disruptive building site. Prefabricated metal buildings will never disturb clients or neighbors. When the team arrives, they concentrate on erecting the pre-assembled pieces with minimal noise. Even if you already have guests staying elsewhere on-site, they can sleep soundly without having their rest and relaxation interrupted by construction noise.

Modular construction also provides impressive quality control. Modular construction guarantees top-notch output because the same materials, designs, machines, codes, standards, and construction conditions are used for each and every aspect of the project. With less variation typically comes fewer delays and errors that could derail your timeline or budget.

Finally, prefabricated metal buildings truly have limitless designs. These prefabricated metal buildings are stylish owing to the use of software, such as 3D printers. Developers can create any design of the hotel that you prefer; the possibilities are endless. What’s more, safety is a top priority when designing these modular buildings. Traditional construction may come to a halt if the weather becomes severe. You can’t leave cement in the rain, for example. But when you go modular, you won’t have to worry. With modular steel, production is continuous and your materials are safe since they’re made under controlled factory conditions.

Perhaps best of all, construction costs are lower overall. Massive construction project costs can skyrocket by 80% if you stick to traditional buildings. But steel modular hotels can trim your costs due to shorter timelines and more accessible materials — all without sacrificing on quality.

Unsurprisingly, modular construction is heating up in the hotel industry. To learn more about what prefabricated metal buildings can do for your next project, please contact us today.

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