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Steel Church Building Design Ideas


Steel Church Building Design Ideas

Are you looking to build a Church, Cathedral or Temple? You may want to consider a prefabricated steel building 

Unique places of worship are where spiritual believers go to promote, teach, practice prayer and to welcome fellowship in their community,  maybe even a place where many will even have a meal together. 

If you want to create a facility that meets the unique needs of your congregation, a steel building will do just that. Prefabricated metal buildings have been growing in popularity across the world. Their usefulness becomes apparent; people realize what can be accomplished with modern technology in the steel industry for almost any use. A steel building is known for its flexibility in design, durability, rigidity, and sustainability throughout time. Durability is one of the most attractive aspects about a steel building. In many cases, if designed as a higher occupancy structure, your church or temple can meet the stringent requirements of a FEMA building; thus becoming a safe haven for your community during a natural disaster.

Steel is a compound metal that is made from iron and carbon. 

  • It is engineered to have latitude and tolerance. It is highly resistant to most of Mother Nature’s elements, making it ideal for areas where winds are high, especially in coastal and on island areas. 
  • Steel has several benefits over what you may consider traditional construction material. It is designed to exceed snow and earthquake load concerns; design flexibility can create any building size, shape or tie-in capability for a multi building concept, too. 
  • Exterior design options. A variety of exterior color finish options are available.  Add on any masonry material or glass to create a different exterior façade, if you prefer, you can pick from a wide variety of insulated and concealed fastener wall panel systems. 

This is the kind of flexibility a prefabricated steel building provides, allowing you to create a specific design of the church or temple you want. Meeting your current needs is exactly our goal, you can easily continue to expand the building at a later date to accommodate more people as your congregation grows. Owning and constructing a steel building for your church or place of worship, has so many benefits. There are endless uses for these versatile prefabricated steel buildings. Perhaps the most appealing benefits are the cost-effectiveness and how easy they are to assemble, because they are engineered to have a simple nature in mind. The very best structural integrity, a custom structure at an affordable price. At Universal Steel, we provide customized designs with affordable costs. Ready to start on your steel or metal building project? Contact us for a free quote.