9 Mar

Uses for Steel Building Kits

If you’re wondering about the uses for steel building kits, you’ll probably be amazed at how many different types of businesses order them. You’re probably familiar with the many steel barns you see when you drive through farmland, so that’s...
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10 Feb

Prefab Metal Building Kits

Looking for extra storage for all the things that are overflowing from your closets? Is your garage bulging with extra car parts and gardening supplies that keep falling off the shelves? It may be time to talk to Universal Steel...
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3 Feb

Easy to Construct Steel Building Kit

Some people in business have a lot of ambition. They like to be in control and they like to do things themselves rather than having someone else do it for them. Many times that includes metal building construction projects. We...
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27 Jan

Steel Building Deal

If you’ve been waiting for a steel building deal so you can build a new barn, an auto shop or even extra storage on your property, now is the time to do it. Universal Steel is having a special sale...
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20 Jan

Steel Educational Buildings

Building a school is something that generally takes approval from a school board, a city council or a church council, so it’s not something that happens overnight. Making decisions on the size of the building, the number of classrooms it...
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13 Jan

Popularity of Steel Buildings

If you’ve wondered about the popularity of steel buildings, here are some insights into why people are building with steel. First of all, steel buildings are cost effective. Most of the time a steel building will cost you much less...
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